Moleac has just launched a new product, CognivAiD™,  in Singapore!

A Focus on Neurology

Since Moleac was founded, our ambition is to provide new solutions to supplement the therapeutic armamentarium for conditions where significant unmet needs remain. To achieve this goal, we develop natural products according to international standards and commercialize our products worldwide. 

Our products are developed by Moleac with scientific excellence and evidence-based approach.

Together with our R&D department and world renowned experts, we have successfully developed and marketed NeuroAiD, the world’s first post-stroke recovery treatment, helping patients to regain functional independence after a stroke or a traumatic brain injury by amplifying endogenous processes of brain repair. NeuroAiD is available in over 30 countries worldwide. 

A growing international network

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Moleac wins SBR National Business Awards 2021 under Pharmaceutical Category.

Moleac wins SBR National Business Awards 2021 under Pharmaceutical Category.

Moleac has pioneered a new drug development approach that looks at sources of innovation from natural medicine, thus considerably shortening drug development cycle time and investment to bring medicine to post-stroke recovery patients.

Building on this success, the company expanded their worldwide presence from Singapore and developed a new herbal formulation (MLC1501) in post-stroke recovery. An Investigational New Drug application (IND) has been opened by US-Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), which allowed them to conduct two safety studies of MLC1501 in healthy volunteers (Phase 1). With an overall clinical development plan that hypothesizes MLC1501’s effectiveness in improving functional and motor independence and recovery of neurological impairments in post-AIS survivors having not received or not recovered after acute treatments (thrombolysis, thrombectomy).

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