Research & Development

A Focus on Neurology

Moleac is focused in developing innovative products in Neurology.

  • =Discovering new therapeutic strategies in stroke and other conditions with high level of unmet needs.
  • =Identifying natural products based on plants selected for their safety and multi-target effects.
  • =Focusing on proof of concept and evidence-based clinical development.
  • =Extending the pharmacological research and clinical trials to several other disabling conditions in neurology.

Our ambition is to provide new therapeutic solutions to meet the unmet needs of stroke survivors but also those of victims of traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases,

Involvement of multi-disciplinary and international teams

Since many years we have established partnerships with leading research institutes in Europe, Middle-East, Oceania and Singapore for both preclinical research and clinical trials. Among them the CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research) in France conducted the pre-clinical research by world-renowned pharmacologists, Prof. Michel Lazdunski, founder of the IPMC (Molecular and Cellular Pharmacological Institute) in Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Dr. Catherine Heurteaux drove development of innovative therapeutic strategies for the treatment of depression and stroke.



Clinical research was conducted in over 20 centers mainly in South East Asia. The CHIMES / CHIMES-E trial recruited 1100 patients from Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The CHIMES / CHIMES-E trial represent the main trial conducted on NeuroAiD™ and are also the first clinical trial on post-stroke recovery providing long-term follow-up, up to two years after stroke onset. An important number of internationally renowned Key Opinion Leaders including Prof. G Donnan (Australia), Prof. Valery (New Zealand), and Prof. C Chen (Singapore) were also conducting independently these clinical programmes. This multi-disciplinary and international team with its capabilities and credentials is the key to successfully drive the clinical trial with NeuroAiD™.

Over 45 scientific papers published since 2009

Over 55 scientific papers published since 2009 in peer-reviewed international journals such as Stroke, Cerebrovascular Diseases, European Neurology and Neuropharmacology. Most of these new findings were presented in international conferences on stroke (European Stroke Conference, European Stroke Organization Conference, Asia Pacific Stroke Conference…).

Research Continues

Researchers are working on the simplification of the formula, to focus on the main active ingredients and to improve dosage and compliance of the treatment. New indications are also being evaluated such as neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injuries with already promising results.