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Our Commercial Partners

A growing international network

Since 2006, NeuroAiD™ has expanded its’ presence to over 30 countries and we still aim to open new markets worldwide.

  • =Moleac has developed multiple partnerships with companies sharing the same values and vision to deliver innovative solutions available in each market and fill medical unmet needs, particularly in post-stroke recovery.
  • =Our growing network of partners ensures the availability of NeuroAiD™ to an even greater number of stroke victims worldwide but also patients with neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injuries.
  • =Our partners have a strong interest in neurology as well as capabilities to promote and distribute medicines and food supplements in their respective markets.
  • =Partnership also means mutual cooperation. Moleac offers a strong support participating in local conferences, organizing round-table discussions and symposiums, developing marketing materials and tools, giving training sessions on NeuroAiD™, sharing best practices

Our Partners

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