Contrary to what many people think, young people can be just as vulnerable to an ischemic stroke as the elderly might be. They can strike out of nowhere and alter your life forever. There’s a better chance of making a full recovery though if you are younger and get your life back to normal. So just how vulnerable are young people to strokes?

Many young people believe they are impervious to strokes considering themselves to be in their prime. However, a stroke can strike at any moment without any warning signs. This is very rare but some conditions and habits could put you more at risk such as:

Underlying conditions

Some conditions may put you at an elevated risk of stroke. If you are diabetic or have a clotting disorder, you may be at a higher risk than other young people. Always regularly checking in with your doctor helps you manage your conditions and minimize any possible issues.


Anyone who is overweight will be potentially susceptible to having a stroke. If you have a poor diet, this considerably elevates your risk especially if you eat foods high in salt. Avoiding ready meals and fizzy drinks will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Smoking poses all sorts of risks to your health including the risk of a stroke. The build-up of waste chemical products blocks arteries making you particularly vulnerable. Stopping this habit will avoid elevating the risk of a stroke.

If you did have a stroke whilst at a young age, it’s not necessarily the end of a normal life. Anyone emerging from their youth will have a better chance at recovery than a more elderly patient. When undergoing your rehabilitation, some tips can help you get back to relative normality such as:

Support from family and friends

Having healthy support from your loved ones makes a huge difference in your recovery. The support boosts your mental outlook and drives you to push through hard times. This mentality helps you get back on your feet quicker than ever before!

Finding your social balance

You may think you can no longer enjoy a social life after such a major incident. This isn’t true. Once you regain control over your body, it can allow you to do so much more. It may include short trips to see friends and family or enjoy a meal out. It may not seem much but these small victories will mean a lot!

Strokes are rare in teens and young adults but they aren’t impossible. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you avoid increasing the risk of such an incident. If you ever think something is off, seek advice from your physician to manage any health issues.

    Stay alert and respect your body!

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    This document does not constitute the practice of medical consultation nor medical advice. Always seek the advice of your treating physician and/or specialist. If you suspect that you are experiencing symptoms of stroke, call for an ambulance immediately.