NeuroAiD at Asia Pacific Stroke Conference

Mar 8, 2022 | News

Renowned clinicians and researchers will present abstracts from the latest studies conducted on NeuroAiD, including the principal investigators of NeuroAiD’s landmark study, CHIMES-E, demonstrating the long-term benefits of a 3-month course in achieving functional independence:

  • Prof. Christopher Chen from Singapore:

Abstract: Comparison of Long-term Spontaneous Functional Recovery and Response to Treatment with MLC601 between Cortical and Non-cortical strokes – The CHIMES-E Study.

  • Prof. N Venketasubramanian (Ramani) from Singapore

Abstract: Targeting Stroke Patients with a Higher Potential of Long-term Benefit from Treatment: Insights from the CHIMES-E Study.

  • Prof. Nijasri Suwanwela from Singapore

Abstract: Synergistic Effect of Combining MLC601 and Rehabilitation on Post-Stroke Recovery – The CHIMES Study.

Refer to the APSC program for more details – 26th to 28th October, Nanjing, China.

NeuroAiD (either MLC 601 or MLC 901), as first known as a Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a natural product combining several active ingredients including nine herbal extracts in the form of capsules. NeuroAiD properties have been studied extensively in post stroke recovery and the research is widely published. Since its first commercialization in 2006, NeuroAiD™ has shown a rapid and stable growth internationally, and is available today in numerous countries of several regions (South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Pharmacology research has established the neuroprotective and neurorestorative activities of NeuroAiD providing possible mechanisms for neurological recovery in post-stroke survivors.

Moleac is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Singapore and focused on developing and commercializing treatment for the patients suffering a loss of brain functions after brain injuries or neurodegenerative diseases. Moleac was founded by French entrepreneurs and scientists in 2002 and is headquartered in Singapore.